Final Post: Site Suggestions

The Washington Blade, while well developed as a news source, could utilize some changes to prepare for a better future.

While I do not know the specifics of the Washington Blade’s financial decisions, but may be advantageous to either focus more heavily on the site’s content (and decrease the number of physical newspapers) or place a cost on the physical newspaper. The site itself does not have a pay wall, and may not want to consider it until it gains a wider audience.

Editorial changes to the site could include a more interactive front page. Perhaps there could be short films, working slideshows, or even sound bites to work alongside the written articles.

The Blade has a large amount of colorful imagery that sometimes tell stories of their own, so creating the additional multimedia pieces would not be outside of the Blade’s realm of expertise. The first few featured articles on the front page are typically longer than the others, and may need to be broken up with multimedia additions. A major strong point of the publication is the use of photography in any atmosphere, whether it’s for a club, political speech or social gathering for an LGBT organization. Utilizing actual video will in a sense help the articles “come to life” and keep readers interested.

While the use of audio clips is not abundantly used in modern media, it would be far more attention grabbing when added to a slideshow. Another dimension of storytelling would certainly help the Blade really put their journalistic endeavors on display, and bring in more audience members who are interested in both seeing and hearing the story.


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