Washington Blade: Post 3

While the Washington Blade is primarily a text-based news source, it does include a large visual base. A considerable amount of the front page contains photo galleries for stories that would typically be event coverage. To a degree, the photos tell a better story than a written article could. As a publication that has a focus on highly visual and activist-based subject matter, such as Miss Gay D.C. America and Youth Lights for Equality , it is more effective to show the story.

The Washington Blade does find ways to benefit itself through these visual narratives: readers have the option to purchase images in the gallery (although there isn’t much keeping an ordinary viewer from doing a simple copy/paste job). Much like a New York Times paywall, this offers the devoted reader base an opportunity to give back to their choice publication.

There is, too, the option to interact with other readers and the author through the comment section of each post, such as yesterday’s post involving Edie Windsor’s speech in New York. However, readers rarely utilize these section of the posts. This isn’t to imply the writers’ skills are related to the amount of commentary. In fact, readers comment slightly more often on the visual multimedia page .

The real interaction between readers and writers is on the Blade’s Facebook page, which boasts over 16,000 likes. The same interview which gained only three comments on the Blade’s website received over 31 likes on its Facebook .

The relationship between reader interaction and the actual writing pieces may have more to do with the actual readership (instead of the writers themselves), which is ideally young people in the LGBT community. There may be a difference between the readership of social media and the readership of news stories by young people, which causes the great difference in interaction through both media.


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