Washington Blade: Post 2

Considering that the Washington Blade’s website’s front page features an updated list of night life events and several photos of young advocates, it is safe to assume that the site is typically visited by young adults. The stories are therefore written professionally, but in a relatively easy-to-understand manner that cuts out political jargon. For instance, the Blade’s article today about the president signing the Violence Against Women Act honed in on how it would affect the American LGBT population. Rather than explaining the act’s effects in a few dense concluding paragraphs, the Blade uses bullet points to show exactly how VAWA will affect LGBT Americans.

The Blade finds other short and understandable ways to portray the news that is popular among the younger generation. The publication’s major stories are primarily only written and with the company of a photograph or two. However, it does utilize other multimedia methods to connect LGBT individuals worldwide. Cartoons, art and videos pertaining to LGBT people and their stories can be found under the “multimedia” tab. They are all not well-known news stories–in fact, few of them are. The videos here are not meant to tell news, but to share an experience. One homemade video shows a gay Israeli couple asking to help them have a child while another features a college fraternity asking for help with the payment of a fraternity member’s sex change.

The site also offers links to their Facebook and Twitter, alongside a list of links to other LGBT-friendly websites.


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