Maryland Gun Law Post

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre and other gun-related tragedies, the discussion about gun control exploded among local lawmakers. Among them is Gov. Martin O’Malley, whose gun control bill was passed by Senate today.

The bill, which was passed in a 28-19 vote, could create of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. according to The Baltimore Sun. The bill calls for a limited amount of bullets, increased police authority to audit gun dealers, and the ever-so-controversial background checks which implicitly place people with mental illnesses at a vast disadvantage.

“You can get a gun quicker than you can get an apple or orange in my county,” Sen. Nathaniel McFadden said to The Baltimore Sun. With commentary like this, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to limit guns to 10 bullets, or to let police do regular checkups on their local gun dealers.

But what about the fingerprinting and background checks that may leave potential gun owners uneasy? People with mental illnesses and those who voluntarily allow themselves to be treated run the risk of not being able to purchase a firearm at all.

By and large, mental-health experts are not on the governor’s side with this issue, according to The Washington Post. It could carry the unexpected side effect of the gun enthusiast refusing to seek help simply to buy a gun—which is a fairly counterproductive move.

However, in a Post poll, 85 percent of Marylanders are in support of O’Malley and his efforts to tighten the laws on gun control.


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